Beetroot smoothie

September’s beetroot smoothie

Maybe some of you have children that love beetroot. Mine does not. Not at all.

I even tried to get him to try beetroot juice once thinking that the gorgeous bright colour would make it palatable. It did not work at all and he refused to let the glass get anywhere near his lips! Off the record, I love love love beetroot juice and all things beetroot, so I can vouch for the deliciousness of the juice! So, in my quest to make the humble beetroot something that he would eat, I resorted to blending it into a smoothie. By the way, I initially tried apple instead of banana in the recipe and it wasn’t accepted by the 3.5 year old….

Fresh beetroot is in season at the moment, so should be readily available if you feel like giving this recipe a go.

1 large ripe banana (try and get a very ripe banana to sweeten the smoothie as much as possible)
about 50g raw beetroot (peeled) – stains your fingers so watch out!
30g frozen raspberries (any frozen berries would work fine)
180 – 250ml freshly squeezed orange juice (or watered down according to your preference)

Bomb all of the ingredients in the blender and whizz till smooth. The colour is gorgeous!

(By the way, I initially tried apple instead of banana and it wasn’t accepted by the 3.5 year old)

Beetroot smoothie

Fills about 2 pouches with a little to spare (depending on how much liquid you add to taste)

TIP: I kept the smoothie in the fridge overnight and just blended it again the next day before drinking.