Beetroot and pear puree

Brilliant beetroot and pear puree

This is a super puree to introduce beetroot to your little one! The pear gives it a bit of sweetness which offsets the earthy flavour of the beetroot. It’s so simple to make!


Beetroots and pearsYou will need:

2 beetroots – peeled and roughly chopped

1 pear – peeled and roughly chopped




Put the chopped beetroot in a saucepan and boil till soft. You could also steam or microwave – up to you. Reserve some of the cooking juices for later.

Blend the cooked beetroot and the raw pear until smooth, adding as much of the reserved cooking juice as necessary to get your preferred consistency. You could use a bit of water instead of the reserved cooking juices if you’d prefer.

Serve straight away, pop into freezer portions for later, or spoon as much as you need into a Super Squish pouch for a fabulous meal on the go.

Beetroot and pear puree

Fruity yoghurt surprise smoothie

‘Fruity yoghurt surprise’ smoothie

We tested the strength of the Super Squish pouches this week.

I knew that they were strong and have never leaked while I’ve been using them, but we felt that a little ‘scientific’ experiment was needed to help verify this. We filled a few pouches with some yummy fruity yoghurt smoothie and my little 3.5 year old super kid jumped on one of them. Result = no spillage of it’s precious contents or breakage of any kind! Have a look at our experiment……

If it had spilled, it would have been a huge waste of the delicious smoothie inside – I called it ‘Fruity yoghurt surprise’ because I threw in whatever fruit I had in my fridge at the time that needed eating. SURPRISE!

If you want to substitute other fruit, I would keep the banana as a staple, but find other alternatives for the pear and the strawberries.

This is a great quick morning breakfast fix (you could add some oats, ground flaxseed or oat bran for a bit of extra staying power) or perfect for a lunchbox treat.

I took:

1 banana

about 100g of fresh strawberries

1 pear

a cup of (organic) full fat greek style yoghurt (I would imagine that a dairy alternative would be equally yummy)

enough milk to make it into a thick milkshake consistency (added as I went) – you could add a milk substitute such as unsweetened almond milk

then blitzed it all together until smooth.

It filled 3 Super Squish pouches with extra for me to drink as a reward.




Super starter fruit purees

Super starter fruit purees

Simple fruit purees are often really great to introduce babies to solids! They are also versatile and can be added to vegetable purees to make them slightly sweeter and therefore more palatable for your baby. They can also be combined for a great smooth fruit medley.

I wanted to share with you some of my favourite starter fruit purees. They are super easy to make and in no time you’ll be filling up your Super Squish pouches with smooth fruit puree. Ready to zip and zoom!

Getting started is pretty simple. Just use this method to make the purees and then fill up your Super Squish pouches:

  • peel, core (where necessary) and roughly chop your fruit
  • cook the fruit pieces (again, where necessary!) until tender i.e. steam / boil (in just enough water to cover the fruit) / microwave in a covered microwavable container
  • remove the cooked fruit and blitz in a blender or food processor until smooth
  • if the puree is too thick, just add a little boiled water until you’ve reached the desired consistency
  • allow the puree to cool and then fill up the Super Squish pouches. Ready to use immediately or freeze. Easy!!

The quantities we’ve given below should be enough to fill at least 2 Super Squish pouches (roughly 260ml).

Apple puree
You need: 1kg large sweet apples – peeled, cored and roughly chopped

Pear puree
You need: 1kg large pears – peeled, cored and chopped into quarters