Watermelon smoothie

Refreshing watermelon smoothie

I bought a watermelon and of course it was too big for our small family to eat it all, so I decided to see if my two-year old and hubby would enjoy a watermelon smoothie or slushie.

I put about 600g of cubed watermelon in a blender with seven or eight strawberries, then I added a few sprigs of fresh mint (actually I keep mine in the freezer, so it was frozen fresh mint!) I put the whole lot in the blender and whizzed it up. It was still a fairly thick consistency so it was fine to put into the pouch.  To be honest I didn’t know if the little man would drink this, but I presented it to him and he really liked it! (I do think the Super Squish pouches help make any blended fruit seem exciting).

You need:

  • 600g watermelon
  • a good handful of strawberries with the cores removed
  • a few sprigs of mint (optional, but it does give an extra dimension for the grown ups I think!)
  • a blender

Fills about 5 Super Squish pouches.