Fruity yoghurt surprise smoothie

‘Fruity yoghurt surprise’ smoothie

We tested the strength of the Super Squish pouches this week.

I knew that they were strong and have never leaked while I’ve been using them, but we felt that a little ‘scientific’ experiment was needed to help verify this. We filled a few pouches with some yummy fruity yoghurt smoothie and my little 3.5 year old super kid jumped on one of them. Result = no spillage of it’s precious contents or breakage of any kind! Have a look at our experiment……

If it had spilled, it would have been a huge waste of the delicious smoothie inside – I called it ‘Fruity yoghurt surprise’ because I threw in whatever fruit I had in my fridge at the time that needed eating. SURPRISE!

If you want to substitute other fruit, I would keep the banana as a staple, but find other alternatives for the pear and the strawberries.

This is a great quick morning breakfast fix (you could add some oats, ground flaxseed or oat bran for a bit of extra staying power) or perfect for a lunchbox treat.

I took:

1 banana

about 100g of fresh strawberries

1 pear

a cup of (organic) full fat greek style yoghurt (I would imagine that a dairy alternative would be equally yummy)

enough milk to make it into a thick milkshake consistency (added as I went) – you could add a milk substitute such as unsweetened almond milk

then blitzed it all together until smooth.

It filled 3 Super Squish pouches with extra for me to drink as a reward.