Avo fab vegetable smoothie

Avo fab vegetable smoothie

I grew up in South Africa in an area where it was commonplace to see avocados the size of an average side plate, not the teeny varieties that the shops tend to sell!

One of my fond childhood memories is of my dad, heading off to the trees at the bottom of the garden with a special long stick, to go and collect the massive fruit during avocado season. We’d have to get to them before the monkeys did! He’d bring his haul into the kitchen, where we’d devour the ripe ones straight from the skins! So my love affair with avocados started very early in life. I definitely can’t say the same for my son, who refuses to eat them. As they’re a great source of healthy fats and loads of other good things, I have tried to disguise them in a few ways, including homemade ice cream (my own concoction, which was rather disgusting!) but without success.

Until this morning, when I made my new ‘avo¬†fab’ vegetable smoothie, which was wolfed down by the adults and little kid in the family, much to my surprise!

I wanted to make a yummy smoothie that was predominantly made of vegetables as we had an abundance of them in the house. I wasn’t sure if that was going to work, but it did!

Here’s what went into the smoothie:

– 1 courgette
– 1 carrot
– half an avocado
– about 300mls of freshly squeezed orange juice
– handful of ice cubes

IFresh orange juice to add to the Avo fab breakfast smoothie have an orange juicer so made my own juice, but you could easily substitute with freshly squeezed shop bought orange juice (not made from concentrate).

I didn’t bother peeling any of the vegetables but roughly chopped them up and blended everything together. You can experiment with different quantities of the various veggies and the amount of orange juice you add, until you get the taste and consistency that you enjoy.

I found that if I added less orange juice, there was a definite avocado aftertaste which I was trying to avoid. You could probably add less orange juice if you added an apple to the mix and topped up the liquid with cold water.



Avo fab breakfast smoothieThis made enough for about 4 Super Squish pouches, or enough for 2 adult-sized portions and a little kid-sized one.

If you’re not popping this into pouches, simply pour into glasses, add courgette slices for garnish and you’ve got a fun addition to breakfast!