Butternut smoothie

November’s raw butternut smoothie

I need to say upfront that this just might be my favourite smoothie recipe so far! Quite surprising, as the thought of adding raw butternut to a smoothie isn’t something that I would instinctively think of as being yummy!

Pumpkin and butternut are in season at the moment and, although we’ve used butternut in this recipe, you can easily substitute pumpkin or any other squash. The really great thing about this butternut smoothie is that it’s predominately made of vegetables. So without exerting too much effort, it’s a fabulous way to get more veggies into your kids (or your diet) without them even knowing.


– about 100g butternut (great way to use up any left over bits of squash you might have in the fridge!) – peel and cut into discs/chunks
– about 100g very ripe banana – weighed without peel (frozen would be good, but not essential)
– half an avocado (ours was around 65g), skin removed
– 200ml unsweetened almond milk – our preferred brand is Rude Health as the blend of rice and almond milk adds a nice nutty sweetness to the smoothie (TIP: you may want to add more milk to taste as the avocado can make the smoothie very thick)
– we didn’t need to add any honey as the smoothie ended up being sweet enough thanks to the ripeness of the banana!
– you could add a few ice blocks too

Blitz it all in a blender till smooth and enjoy! This recipe will fill about 4 Super Squish pouches (depending on how much liquid you add – it’s a personal preference kind of thing!).
Ingredients raw butternut smoothie

Raw butternut smoothie anyone?

We experimented with making a raw butternut smoothie today and it was unexpectedly delicious! No added sugar, dairy and gluten free and mainly made of raw vegetables.

My small helper downed 2 Super Squish pouches and gave it his seal of approval. Recipe coming soon… Watch this space.

Super Squish butternut smoothie

Avocado and spinach smoothie

Super Spinach and Avocado Smoothie

I’m think I’m a tad obsessed with avocados at the moment! I’ve become a pro disguising them in all manner of foods to get my 3 year old to eat them.

My latest triumph is a variation on the monkey juice smoothie – think green boost smoothie – full of spinach and avocado. A very simple variation and one I almost didn’t post but, as I think it is one of the yummiest smoothies I’ve tasted in a long time, it had to be shared. The avocado gives it a thicker consistency than normal. If I close my eyes, I can almost imagine it’s a double thick milkshake! Almost…

How to make the smoothie:

Take the ingredients for the monkey juice smoothie and simply add half an avocado and a few extra blocks of ice. If the banana is really ripe it will help to sweeten the smoothie. You could also add a little honey or alternative sweetener to taste.

Spinach and avocado smoothie