Super Squish reusable food pouches (4 pack)


Pack of 4 rocket-shaped pouches (and a free replacement cap!)

  • Each pouch holds up to 150ml
  • Made from food grade material and meet EU regulations for infant food pouches
  • Strong double zipper-type seal keeps food in the pouch
  • Easy fill
  • Easy clean and dishwasher safe
  • Reusable


Take homemade food with you

Super Squish’s rocket shaped reusable food pouches are ready to be filled up or ‘refuelled’ with your choice of pureed or blended food for the weaning stage and beyond. Simply REFUEL, ZIP & ZOOM!

Many pre-filled, pre-sealed food pouches (loved by children of all ages) are available in the supermarket. The problems are that they are expensive, can only be used once and there is no way to get the food of your choosing into the pouch. Super Squish rocket shaped reusable food pouches zoom to the rescue! They give you the ability to take homemade food with you, in a fun shaped spouted pouch that your children will recognise and love to use!


Why buy our reusable food pouches?

Super Squish reusable food pouches are:
REUSABLE – can be used again and again making them cost effective
CONVENIENT – another way to take food with you on the go
FAMILIAR – the top spouted pouch is a shape that your child recognises, which should hopefully appeal to even the fussiest eater!
VERSATILE – they can be filled with a wide range of pureed/blended foods
STRONG – the strong double zipper-type seal keeps food in the pouch
FREEZER FRIENDLY – this is helpful if you want to batch cook and save for later
EASY TO CLEAN – the rounded internal edges make it easy to clean – either by hand or in the dishwasher (top rack only)
FOOD GRADE QUALITY – meets required EU regulations for infant food pouches
ECO-FRIENDLY – once you are finished with them, they can be recycled with your plastics


How to use Super Squish pouches

You can fill your Super Squish pouch with pretty much anything that has been blended or pureed, including smoothies and yoghurts. You can make food yourself or decant ready made smoothies and yoghurt into the pouch.  It’s best to keep the consistency no thinner than yoghurt to avoid any chance of leaking, so no juice or water!

Need some inspiration on filling the pouches? Our recipes are brimming with nutritious and yummy ideas. For more information on how to use and look after the Super Squish pouches, check out the How to use section.



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