About us

About us - Oliver, the super kid, showing off the Super Squish pouchMeet Oliver.

He’s the super kid who is the inspiration behind the Super Squish story and the reason for their creation.

The story started over a cup of coffee, when some fellow mum friends were chatting about weaning. We spoke about the things we wished we could buy to make this stage in our babies development easier for us! The Super Squish rocket shaped, reusable pouch was conceptualized that day.

Nearly 3 years later, we are proud of our finished product and love that we can share it with you!


    • that mums can choose what food (homemade or store bought) to take with them on the go, in a pouch shape that kids love!
    • that, because they’re reusable, they cost less that store bought pre-filled pouches!
    • that they’re bright, fun and our kids love them!
    • that they make¬†weaning just that¬†little bit easier!

Hopefully now that you know a bit more about us, you’ll give the Super Squish pouches a try! Happy blending.

About us - Oliver, the super kid, and his mum About us - Oliver having fun with and his mum