Easy puree ice cubes

Super Squish and early stage weaning

I don’t think there is a ‘one size fits all’ approach to weaning. My little one is now 3 and a half, so I’ve left that stage long behind me but I remember it well. My son was one of those kids who would eat pretty much everything, a lot of it, and from a spoon. Friends of mine had little ones who wouldn’t. Plus, you also have to factor in the fickle nature of a weaning baby whose like (or dislike) for certain foods and they way they are fed to him/her seems to change with the wind direction! Random and unanticipated!

When I was weaning my son, I used a multi-prong approach which worked for both of us: sometimes chopped food for self feeding, sometimes food pouches, sometimes ice cubes of puréed food defrosted and mixed together etc.

I wish the Super Squish pouches were around then. Which lead me to have a think about how I would have incorporated the pouches into the weaning process, especially in the very beginning. If you go the puréed food route (which I appreciate doesn’t suit or work for everyone!), you typically introduce small amounts of food and different flavour combinations in the early weaning stages.

With this in mind, I puréed cooked apples and cooked pears separately then spooned them into ice cube trays. Each cube was about 15mls/ 1 tablespoon. This makes it easier to know how much your little one is eating.

Super Squish pouches and ice cube purées

Once they were frozen, I popped them out and decided that I wanted to mix the pear and apple flavours together. I put 2 of each into the Super Squish pouch and let it defrost. I then squished the pouch a bit to mix up the contents.  Voila! Apple pear combo. Obviously you can add any number of ice cubes and combination of flavours as your baby’s appetite grows.

Remember to really make sure you seal the zipper – I didn’t the first time I did this and had purée everywhere once the cubes had defrosted!

Ice cube purées inside the Super Squish pouch

Fantastic – now I had my choice of blended food in a pouch! Ready to go.

I stored the rest of the ice cubes in labelled ziplock bags and popped them in the freezer. I used to make lots of different types of ice cubed purées (fruit, vegetable and stock cubes) in advance, bag them and have them ready in the freezer when I needed them. Easy peasy!!

Frozen purée with the Super Squish pouch

Obviously, you could also fill up the pouch with puréed food and feed it to your baby in a few sittings.

The pouches are versatile and you can make them work for you no matter which stage of childhood your little ones are in!

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