Super Squish Reusable Food Pouches - Give your babies and little kids a fun way to refuel

Super Squish is a reusable food pouch that is perfect for baby weaning and little kid treats. Now you can easily give healthy, homemade food to your little ones on the go. Our food pouches are fun, child friendly, easy to clean and a great way to start weaning your baby onto a healthy diet. We have put together a number of recipes, tips and tricks to help you make the most of your food pouches.

So why not start making the most of our convenient reusable food pouches today!


I've been using Super Squish pouches for a few months now. My son is now two, so we use them to take smoothies and slushies out with us. He loves the Super Squish packaging and will eat pretty much anything I present to him it. Brilliant for a little fussy eater!

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